How to Avoid Accidents While in Busy Streets With Your Kids!

For some, nothing beats living in a city. But being an urban parent presents some challenges, such as the costs of raising a child in a bustling metropolis and carrying your baby and groceries up a fifth-floor walkup. 

Another thing you have to worry about is going out with your kids. It’s important to teach kids about “stranger danger.” It’s also important that your family knows and practices pedestrian safety

Stroller Safety

If you have a baby or toddler, a must-have is a stroller for city living. You need a stroller you can easily carry up and down apartment stairs, and can handle the bumps and cracks of city sidewalks. The safety and durability of your stroller are just as significant as how you use it.  

Typically when pushing your baby in a stroller, they are out in front of you and low to the ground. This makes it hard for drivers to see them. In a city you have to be on high alert when walking with your child. When crossing a busy street, here’s what you can do to avoid an accident and stay safe:

Get rid of distractions. 

Put your phone down and keep your eyes up.

Obey traffic laws. 

Wait for the walk signal, don’t jaywalk, and if you have to walk on a road then walk as far to the left as you can facing traffic.

Look both ways before crossing. 

You may be an adult, but you still need to listen to your mother and look both ways before crossing a street. Even if you obey traffic laws, others may not. Make sure drivers are stopped before you cross, and then make eye contact with them to be sure they see you.

Use a Stroller Controller. 

Would you put your baby in the tub before feeling the water first? No. The same is true when using a stroller. You shouldn’t push kids out into the street first. The Stroller Controller lets you walk into the street first, helping you see and be seen by oncoming traffic. 

Walking Safety

In the United States, accidental pedestrian injuries are the fifth-leading cause of injury-related deaths for kids ages 5-19. Between distracted driving and busier streets, you want to make sure you and your kids stay safe when they’re old enough to walk. Here’s what you can do:

Teach kids about pedestrian safety.

It’s essential that you make sure your kids learn how to be safe pedestrians. Teach them to follow the rules of the road, obey traffic signals, look both ways before crossing a street, and be visible at all times.

Hold their hand.

You may have taught your preschooler to stop and look before crossing a street, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always do it. Especially with younger kids, always hold their hand when crossing a street.

What was your most recent experience going on a walk with your kids? We’d love to hear your story! And if you’ve ever been nervous to take your baby or toddler out, don’t be anymore. With a Stroller Controller, you can safely cross any busy street with confidence.

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