Get a 'Handle' on Your Stroller.

The Stroller Controller®️ is an extendable handle that solves the everyday annoyances parents experience pushing a stroller!

Our Stroller Controller can help you:

❤️ End the Door Struggle: 10 seconds to struggle through a door without Stroller Controller®️; 6 seconds to sail through with Stroller Controller®️.

❤️ Improve Street Visibility: Better see and be seen by oncoming traffic in crosswalks and in between cars in busy parking lots.   

❤️ Avoid Ruining Your Shoes: No more scratches on shoes from wedging your foot under heavy doors.

❤️ Save Your Shins: Walk alongside your stroller so you don't smack into the back of it.

❤️ Keep an Eye on Baby: Easily make eye contact with your little honey.

❤️ Free a Hand: One-handed steering control lets you hold a toddler's hand, walk your dog, or enjoy that coffee you've been staring at in your cup holder all morning.

Our Stroller Controller is to strollers as wheels are to luggage. So convenient you won't ever go back! Click here to see how the Stroller Controller®️ works.

A Helping Hand to Avoid Preventable Stroller Accidents.

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♥ The Gift of Safety and Convenience

Looking for something for someone special? A Stroller Controller®️ handle is the perfect baby shower gift idea!

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