• Get a `Handle' on Stroller Street Safety.

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Learn How

Get a `Handle' on Stroller Street Safety.

"This is a great idea."

" I always walk backwards because I don't know any other way to safely see, especially in a parking lot."

Elissa C.

"This is GREAT!"

"It makes me crazy seeing strollers first!!" 

Lenore A.

"I can't wait to get mine."

"I wish this had been available 20 years ago. This product goes a long way to add safety."

Jessie K.

This is AWESOME.

How long have I been saying this? 

Andrew K.

It's genius really!!

All my grandkids are out of strollers or I'd get one ASAP!

Kristy R.

A Helping Hand to Avoid Preventable Stroller Accidents.


The Stroller Controller Also Offers Convenience.

Take a step toward improved pedestrian safety with us.

WITHOUT the Stroller Controller®️

⛔ UNSAFE! Baby is vulnerable.

⛔ POOR VISIBILITY! Parents can't see oncoming traffic and distracted drivers and SUVs can't see the stroller. 

⛔ INCONVENIENT! You need two hands to push the stroller smoothly, and it's nearly impossible to open doors and push the stroller through by yourself. 

⛔ ISOLATING! You and your baby don’t make eye contact when both of you are facing forward.

⛔ CLUNKY FOR TALL PEOPLE! Kicking the stroller with your feet or shins can throw you off balance. Not to mention it’s just annoying.

WITH the Stroller Controller®️

❤️ SAFER! The baby is not being pushed out into traffic first - the parent is leading instead. 

❤️ GREATER VISIBILITY! Parents can see moving vehicles and drivers can see parents. 

❤️ CONVENIENT! One-handed control lets you more easily open doors, hold a child’s hand, or carry a drink.

❤️ ENHANCED BABY-PARENT CONNECTION! Easy to communicate with and keep eyes on your baby.  

❤️ SMOOTH STEERING FOR TALL PEOPLE! Walk alongside the stroller to avoid kicking the wheels.  

Get your Stroller Controller®️ today!

♥ The Gift of Safety and Convenience

Looking for something for someone special? A Stroller Controller®️ safety handle is the perfect idea!

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