Our Story - Baby Safety

After founder Sandy Perilli witnessed a near-accident between a car and a mom pushing a stroller through a crosswalk, she noticed how many people cross streets and walk in-between cars in parking lots while pushing their strollers from behind. Strollers are made to be pushed solely from behind, but this leaves the stroller out in front and highly vulnerable to preventable traffic tragedy.

Sandy set out to find a solution to improve pedestrian visibility, and created a stroller safety accessory which is called the Stroller Controller.

While the Stroller Controller was designed to help prevent avoidable stroller street accidents, user testing showed that her product solved many other everyday stroller nuisances, too! 

Safe BeeSide Me is a charitable company. A portion of the sales revenue from every Stroller Controller purchased will be donated to a charity we admire and support: End Distracted Driving .org

Safe BeeSide Me, LLC is a New Jersey-based startup committed to making life easier for baby and pet parents. 

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