How Our Stroller Controller®️ Works

In addition to pushing your stroller from behind, our extendable Stroller Controller®️ handle gives you the option to steer from either side, and even out in front; a feature no stroller offers. In three easy steps, you’re ready to go! 

❤️ Step 1: Attach 

Use the ratchet straps to attach the Stroller Controller®️ to your stroller handle.

Rear view of Stroller Controller easy-to-use ratchet buckle and ladder strap.
..How to attach the Stroller Controller to your single-handled stroller.

❤️ Step 2: Extend

Pull out the Stroller Controller’s®️ handle and lock it into place.

.. .

..❤️ Step 3: Stroll!

Walk next to or in front of your stroller. You’ll be able to see traffic and drivers will be able to see you. The Stroller Controller®️ makes it easier to open doors, too!
How to open doors easily with a stroller. Use a Stroller Controller.

❤️ Reserve Yours Today 

Decide if you want a black or silver handle and head over to our ordering page to reserve your Stroller Controller®️ today. 
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