VIDEO: Grandmothers Meeting Grandchildren for First Time

Watch video from Motherly here:

Grandmothers Meeting Grandkids for First Time - Motherly Facebook Video

Adverse childhood experiences such as trauma, neglect, and abandonment directly impact the wiring of a baby's brain during the most critical time for brain development. Babies who are mirrored, loved, and feel safe are well-positioned to learn that bad times don't last forever, they learn the reality of hope, and they can move through life with an inner-confidence that traumatized babies will not experience and enjoy.

Giving love, kindness, and support to others at all stages of life can heal hearts, help heal people struggling with their past, and create overall more happy and independent people who eventually move into the workforce....working for and with you.

That person you know who is mean, standoffish, or unkind is most likely someone who hasn't been surrounded by kindness and support. Be kind today and everyday. It literally can change lives for the better...

Have a happy weekend and enjoy this beautiful video of babies getting the critical love needed to grow and truly thrive. These little ones are off to a great start.

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