6 Tips to Safely Run Errands With Kids During a Pandemic

Grocery shopping with kids always requires a certain amount of preparation to ensure that your trip to the store is a success. Add on an extra layer of a rising pandemic, and it can feel overwhelming trying to prepare your little ones for this new challenge. Running errands with kids during this pandemic might be unavoidable, but it’s not impossible. Take a look at some of our top tips for safely running errands with kids during a pandemic to stay as safe and as happy as possible.

1. Safe Social Distancing

Practice safe social distancing. It has been recommended that we stay a minimum of 6 feet apart from others. You will also want to make sure that all family members age two and older have a face mask to wear while out and about. Talk to your children before your errand so you can explain what the rule is and why it is in place. Emphasize the idea of being safe, focusing less on fear and more on care.

2. Keep Your Little Ones Close

When you go to the store with your kids, keep them close and stay in spaces that are clean and sanitized. Your stroller is the safest place for your baby to be. Be sure to bring your Stroller Controller so you can walk next to your baby, keeping an eye on them and holding onto a toddler’s hand as you navigate the stores and complete your to-do list. It’s reassuring to have your little ones close and to know how they’re doing while out and about.

3. Bring Hand Sanitizer

Mom giving daughter hand sanitizer

Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times, either in your purse or in your diaper bag. Use it often. If your children do touch a surface like a door handle or countertop, help them use sanitizer to clean their hands. Doing your part to stay clean and keep your little ones healthy will make a world of difference and provide an incredible amount of peace of mind!

4. Plan Your Trips Carefully

This one can be a little tricky, but do your best to coordinate your shopping trips with times of the day when the stores are less busy. It can be challenging trying to find time between naps and schedules, but it is definitely worth it to run your errands when there are fewer people in the store. This gives you a little less stress as you shop.. Typically, grocery stores are less busy in the morning, and progressively get more and more crowded as the day goes on.

5. Give Your Kids Jobs

To keep your little ones busy and take the opportunity to use shopping as a teaching moment, give them age-appropriate jobs and responsibilities. A  toddler who is learning letters and numbers can help you find something that starts with the letter “B.” Give older kids a list of items to gather as you enter each aisle. Teach them to look at the unit price so they can compare which size of an item is actually cheaper. Remind your kids to keep their hands away from their faces, and help them use hand sanitizer afterward.  

6. Prioritize Washing Hands

Speaking of staying safe, in this pandemic it’s essential to teach good hand-washing practices and reinforce how important it is to wash frequently. Of course you’ve already taught your children to wash after using the bathroom and before eating, but they also need to wash after playing outside, going shopping with you, and being in areas with other people. By now you probably know the recommendation to sing “Happy Birthday” twice while washing hands to get the recommended 20 seconds in. Help younger kids with this and supervise older ones until you’re sure they are washing their hands properly. 

Time to Run Errands!

As you prepare yourself and your little ones for your next trip to the store or to run your errands, keep these tips in mind to ensure that everyone stays safe and stays smart. Happy shopping!

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