A Must-Have Stroller Accessory for Every New Parent

As parents, I believe we can all agree on one thing - we want to keep our children safe. It’s easy while at home; you cover the electrical outlets, you put baby monitors in their room so you can keep an eye on them while they slumber, and you give them special, no-choke utensils to eat their food. But what about feeling secure while you’re out and about? When it comes to stroller safety, one of our must-have stroller accessories is a Stroller Controller.

What is a Stroller Controller?

Stroller controller on stroller

Have you ever been out pushing your little one in their stroller and you’ve had to open a door? Unless it’s one of the few automatic doors, you’re left struggling to reach the handle, open the door, wrestle the stroller through, then hope the door doesn’t hit you in the back.What a nuisance!

Enter the Stroller Controller. This innovative stroller accessory lets you  push your baby while you walk beside or even in front of the stroller. Simply attach it to your single-handled stroller, lock the extendable bar place, and you’re good to go! This opens up a world of opportunities for you while out and about with your little one, eliminating awkward situations where it’s hard to maneuver the stroller. Available in both black and silver, the Stroller Controller adds convenience and safety while you’re on the go. It folds up easily with your stroller or can be removed if you prefer.

How Does it Keep My Baby Safe?

Piloting a stroller in areas with a lot of traffic is nerve-wracking. Busy intersections and parking lots are especially dangerous, even when the “Walk” sign means it’s your turn. Simply use your Stroller Controller to walk out in front so you can see traffic and drivers can see you. This vantage point is crucial so you can move safely. Just think about it: Who should really be in front, you or the baby? With the Stroller Controller, the baby is as far from the traffic as possible and you can see what’s coming. When it comes to pedestrian safety, the Stroller Controller provides a whole new level of safety and peace of mind.

What Other Benefits Does the Stroller Controller Have?

Need to make room in an elevator? Now you can stand next to your stroller to make more room. Out and about with a toddler? The Stroller Controller lets you steer with one hand, so you can hold onto your older child’s hand at the same time. Time to walk the dog? Easily hold the leash. If you’re thirsty, simply grab your cup or water bottle with your free hand. And because you are walking next to your baby, you can make eye contact, exchange smiles, and narrate what you see on your travels. It’s a great way to foster communication and lay the groundwork for language development.

Convenience and Safety

When it comes to parenting, we know that parents will do everything necessary to keep their little ones safe and sound, both at home and while out and about. The Stroller Controller provides an extra layer of security while pushing your baby in their stroller, and has become a must-have necessity for navigating the challenging streets of parenting. Get yours today!

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