The Stroller Controller Wins the 2023 National Parenting Product Awards!

The Safe BeeSide Me team is SO excited! First, our Stroller Controller was recognized as a top stroller accessory by And now the Stroller Controller has won the prestigous honor of a 2023 National Parenting Product Award in the SAFE TRAVEL category! (NAPPA) 

2023 National Parenting Product Awards Winner: Safe Travel Category - Mothers Day Gift

Thank you to the NAPPA team and parent product reviewers for selecting our baby stroller safety product as a winner! 

The parent product reviewer evaluation comments are below, or you can visit our winners page on the NAPPA site:


“My first reaction when opening this box is that this is exactly the type of product that creates a solution to a common challenge that parents see day in and day out. It’s fun to see unique, new products that are trying to make our daily lives easier!”

“I love that this product arrives pre-assembled and ready to use. I had no issues figuring out how to use it which is a huge plus. The website also has several videos to make it easy to understand how to use the product.”

“This is definitely innovative. There have been countless times I’ve been trying to back into a door with a stroller and end up getting caught, the door slams on me, etc. and I was amazed at how easy this product solved such a common problem. I also like to check on my daughter when I’m walking her to see if she’s fallen asleep and now I can walk beside her and I don’t have to stop walking to check in and see what she’s doing!”

“I like how easy this is to use, it’s compatible with several different strollers that we own, and most importantly it makes my life easier and things safer.”

“I’ve told several mom friends about it already as I think it’s a worthwhile purchase.”

“This product is designed to help give parents peace of mind when pushing their baby in a stroller, especially when crossing a street, and also makes life easier when getting through doors or trying to carry something while also pushing the stroller.”

“It’s a great, innovative product that fits a need in the marketplace – I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this!”

“This is a nifty tool that allows you to steer your stroller from the side and front.”

“The pole is lightweight and the attachment mechanism is simple to use and fastens very securely. It’s a breeze to install and remove.”

“Once installed, it really does add a lot of maneuverability. I am so used to turning around and opening doors with my back in order to get a stroller through a closed door, so it’s awesome to be able to control the stroller from the front and avoid the turn move. It’s also great to get out in front of traffic instead of having your child lead in the stroller.”

“Overall, this is a nice tool for adding extra control over your stroller.”

“This is especially useful for going through closed doors and when walking in busy city streets. I haven’t seen anything else like it.”


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