9 Ways To Have Fun Outside While Staying Safe From Coronavirus

The recent wave of COVID-19 has shaken up routines, schedules, and activities. Many are working from home, children are studying from the computer, and countless regularly visited destinations, such as the zoo or the park, are closed until further notice. Many parents find themselves looking for creative ways to keep their kids and little ones busy while also staying protected. Check out some of our favorite outdoor activities that are both fun and safe from the coronavirus.

1. Safe Sightseeing

Take your little ones on a walk to see the local sights from a safe distance! Are you near your state capitol building? Are there any parks with statues or memorials you could take a stroll around? Are there any spots nearby that are known for their spectacular view? Take advantage of these local spots and take a walk to see the sights!

You’ll want to be sure to bring your stroller controller with you. This will help you stay in control of your stroller and your surroundings while out with your children. Easily keep your little one at your side during your day of sightseeing. For older children, try to avoid any spots that have playground equipment, and always maintain a safe distance between yourself and others.

2. I Spy Nature Walk

Looking to help your little ones get their nature fix? Choose a spot to take the kids for an I Spy nature walk! Together with your children, brainstorm a list ahead of time of things to look for on the nature walk, such as pine cones, squirrels, different shaped leaves, rocks, etc., and encourage your little ones to look for those items on the walk. Bring something to write with so they can check things off as they go! This is an easy way to take a nature walk to the next level and keep your kids engaged and excited. Don’t forget to take pictures!

3. Old-Fashioned Games

Turn off the TV and show your kids how to play some of your favorite old-fashioned games! If you have enough space, draw out hopscotch on the sidewalk, or grab a ball and draw an area to play foursquare. If you’re a bit limited on outdoor play space, consider pulling out a set of jacks or a jump rope. You might consider showing your kids some of your favorite jump rope rhymes from your elementary school days on the playground. 

4. Puzzles on the Porch

While puzzles are more commonly assembled indoors, what’s to stop you from setting up a card table on the porch and assembling one outside? Whether you’re working on a 1,000 piece puzzle with your preteens or helping your toddler with a wooden barnyard puzzle, this is a fantastic boredom buster that is easily elevated with a small change of scenery. You might even consider gathering supplies to make your own puzzle! Let your kids create a masterpiece on a piece of thick cardstock and cut it up into puzzle pieces.

5. Kite Flying

Take advantage of a windy day and find a good spot to do some kite flying! Whether everyone has their own kite or you’re taking turns, this is a great way to enjoy an afternoon together as a family. Pack a bag with some snacks or prep a picnic lunch or dinner, and you’re good to go.

6. Read-a-thon in the Shade

Do you have a bookworm on your hands? Grab a blanket, some fun snacks, and a stack of books and go find a shady spot for an afternoon family read-a-thon! Let them work on some independent reading or take turns reading pages out loud to one another. You might also consider bringing some supplies to make some homemade bookmarks. While seemingly simple, this is a great way to make some happy memories together during this unique time.

7. Sidewalk Chalk

Playing with sidewalk chalk is definitely an outdoor playtime classic. Grab that tub of colors and let them go to town! Are they looking for some fresh inspiration for their pieces of art? You could suggest they draw their dream house, sketch out their dream vacation destination, or even lay down some tape so they can create a stained glass effect with their chalk art. This is an easy way to create an afternoon of fun.

8. Backyard Water Park

As the weather starts to warm up again, it can be hard for your children to not make their way to the neighborhood pool for a cool dip in the water. With the right supplies, you could make a backyard water park to satisfy their need for water play. Whether you’re making a homemade Slip ‘N Slide or pulling out that inflatable pool or toddler water table, this is a great way to beat the heat while staying safe. Don’t forget the snacks and the sunscreen!

9. Fire Pit Dinner

Light up the fire pit and get out those roasting sticks, dinner’s going to look a little different tonight! Grab all of the fixings you’ll need for hot dogs and s’mores and let your little ones feel extra cool cooking their own dinner. Wrap them up in some blankets and let them stay warm by the fire while you swap memories and share stories together.

Have a Great Day!

While we may find ourselves surrounded by uncertainty and unique circumstances, we also find ourselves presented with the wonderful opportunity to get creative and make lasting memories with your little ones. Make this time one that you look back on with fondness by finding fun ways to spend time outside while also being smart and staying safe. Make it a good day!

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