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Stroller Controller®️: Black Handle

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❤️ VIDEO: What is the Stroller Controller and how does it work? 

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19” x 5” x 3.5" (collapsed), 25.5” x 5” x 3.5" (extended)
15.3 oz. in your choice of silver or black handle options.
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The patented black handle Stroller Controller is a stroller safety product that lets parents control steering from either side or in front of their stroller. Having the option to push from behind, walk beside, or out in front of your stroller offers you ultimate safety and convenience. 

For example: A stroller is typically pushed from behind, which leaves your precious little one low to the ground and out of sight from drivers. We offer an easier and safer way to check out crosswalks and busy parking lots ahead of your stroller. With the user-friendly Stroller Controller, you can comfortably stand beside or in front of your stroller so vehicles see you first. Safe and convenient, the Stroller Controller also helps parents easily open doors on their own, and gives tall people a way to steer their stroller while avoiding kicking the stroller wheels.

Open your own doors even with a stroller.

The black handle Stroller Controller is a must-have stroller accessory for parents and anyone else who cares for an infant or toddler. Visit our How It Works page to learn just how easy it is to use the Stroller Controller.