How to Make Your Stroller Safer With One Easy Step

Life doesn’t stop when you have a baby. It gets busier. You still have to go grocery shopping. You still need to make those quick runs to the post office and pharmacy. You can still go on family vacations and out to brunch with your girlfriends. But now you’ll also have regular appointments with your baby’s pediatrician, playdates, and you may even join a mommy-and-me walking group.

A stroller makes it easier for you to get out of the house with your baby. The little one can ride comfortably while the diaper bag and other things are stowed on board, rather than held in your arms.

Every parent wants convenience, and strollers provide just that. But before using a stroller, you have to take steps to ensure it’s safe to use. Some stroller safety tips include:

  • Check to make sure the brakes work. 
  • Check that the tires aren’t flat or broken.
  • Check the stroller frame to be sure it’s stable.
  • Buckle your baby into their stroller with its five-point safety harness, making sure it securely and comfortably goes over their shoulders, chest, waist, and in between their legs.

But one easy safety step you may be forgetting is to attach a Stroller Controller. This stroller safety accessory is an extendable handlebar that easily attaches to most single-handle strollers. It allows you to walk alongside or in front of a stroller, rather than blindly behind it.

A Stroller Controller makes it easy for drivers to see you and for you to see them because you walk out first. Babies generally sit low to the ground in a stroller. This makes it harder for drivers and bikers to see your baby. And since you’re taller than the stroller, it’s easier for drivers to see you. When you walk out in front of a stroller, you also have the best view of oncoming traffic. With a better viewpoint, you can more quickly see and react to cars and bikers in busy streets and parking lots, and avoid a preventable pedestrian-vehicle accident.

And because you only need one hand to steer with a Stroller Controller, you can also more easily and safely open and walk through doors. No more waiting for a stranger to open the door for you, or lunging for the handle yourself and awkwardly pushing your stroller through.

We know your job as a parent is to keep your baby safe, and we want to help you do that. That’s why we invented the Stroller Controller. We believe babies deserve a safer way to ride in strollers, and with this simple stroller safety accessory you can safely and more confidently cross streets and parking lots with your precious little one in tow.

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