The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Stroller Attachments

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there! Now more than ever we appreciate everything you do. We’re amazed at the way you adjust to changing circumstances without missing a beat.

With the surreal situation caused by COVID-19, not only are mothers doing all of the usual things for their little ones—hugging, feeding, changing, nurturing, playing, teaching, bathing, supporting, burping, rocking…the list is as infinite as a mother’s love!—but they are also navigating the “new normal” of working from home, helping older kids with their school-at-home, providing their own day care, managing family stress, and probably doing all of that on a reduced budget. It sounds like more than any human could accomplish, but moms are achieving all of that.

Mother’s Day is a good chance to let moms know how much they mean to us (although we should really do that every day!). It’s also an opportunity to help them do what they say is most important to them: keeping their kids safe.

The Stroller Controller is a simple accessory that helps moms do just that. Rather than pushing the stroller blindly into traffic with the baby dangerously out front and low to the ground, the Stroller Controller lets the adult walk next to or in front of the stroller. From that vantage point the grown-up can spot traffic and be noticed by drivers. “See and be seen” has never been more important.

Moms, we love you! We don’t know how you do everything you do, but please keep doing it.

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